Sunday, 5 September 2010

My new addition!

Good evening! Got my gcse results last week and of course, after much waiting and deciding, my bayswater!
Lovely mulberry bag. Is hugeee! Was a bit of a struggle to carry it round the shops

Dustbag! My nan was rather impressed with that to be honest.

All wrapped up

Hate the lock tag thingy on it reminds me to much of one of them "real leather" tags you get on cheapy bags. Have taken it off but now am hunting for a bag charm. Theres a lovely louis vuitton sweetie one but not at £230!
The lock which im so scared of twisting to much and snapping it off!

One of the buckles that can expand/dexpand (is that even a word?)the bag which is pretty handy considering how much crap i carry around with me

Overall i am in love with my bayswater. Was loving the Alexa though. This beauty cost me 2 A*'s 3 A's 6 B's and 52.5 hours overtime...Was it worth it...Of course!


  1. Oh wauw! this would be a dreamcomingtrue for me :D
    and I loveyour header!

  2. prreetttty! I just ordered the leopard print Alexa, can't wait!!!

    Great blog, definitely be back lots! Come follow TBAG if you fancy xxx

  3. it deserves all of the hard work:)

  4. Ohh this bag is lovely! Congratulations on getting it! I'd love buy myself an Alexa bag someday.

  5. I have the bag u will love it... I wear it with out the lock:)


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