Thursday, 16 September 2010

College girl

I offically am a fashion student at Reading College. I have the student card to prove it! I feel so grown up now as we are given alot of freedom and responsibilty. On the first day(Tuesday) I was really surprised to be given an assisment due in tomorrow (Friday!)The brief was to, in a group, design and make an outfit to a theme of our choice. We choose an African Tribal Carnival theme. I think with only the two days we have had to make it, it looks really good! I made the main front part of the top which was attached to a back panel with the bow on.To be honest its all amazing! I was lucky to have been part of a great group who all had different strengths which helped to create our outfit
As you can see the neckline is really low we thought it linked in with our carnival theme as carnival costumes are normally show alot of flesh. I added darts to give it a tighter fit

Our headress(if thats what its called)! The leaves are beginning to brown :( But as someone said earlier it gives it a "rustic" feel

Love love love this bow!


  1. Its very innovative!


  2. Wow thats amoizing the fact you have green of the best kind in your design here, you can't beat the beauty in that yeh!

  3. That's really impressive for only 2 days on creation!

  4. wow thats hella impressive :O
    haha your studying fashion already...i'm doing a fashion design course next year and i cant wait D:< i havta say...i've fallen in love with that bow as well (:


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