Saturday, 30 January 2010

Fashion college is where it is at

Good afternoon everyone!

I have finally found time to post. Sorry I havent posted for ages. I have a ton of coursework due in soon and had an interview for a place on a fashion course at college on Friday. It went well considering I got asked back for a second one. That means I have another project to do. The first one was on school uniforms and the one I have to do is about Still life drawings. The thing is though, Is that im definatly no pablo picasso. My drawings, to be honest, are complete crap. Its visable what iv drawn but theres no detail or shading that makes you go "wow".

A few weekends ago I went shopping to London to finally hunt down the Marc by Marc Jacobs shop. It was totally worth it! It stocks his "cheaper" range which is a complete bargain. Its along the same street as Christian Louboutin and so is futher out that Oxford street. If it was along them main roads then I doubt they would have any stock left as everyone would be going mad like we did! I brought:

I love the colour, Its soo bright and very strong which is good because I always have alot of stuff to take to school. It was £20 which is very resonable considering it is Marc Jacobs!
This belt was..wait for it...£1! I couldnt believe it either. £1 for a belt. Thats cheaper than Primark! They do it in Silver and black aswell.

I love this bracelet. Its so luminous and its leather. Only £1 too! They had lots of other colours so I plan to go and buy one in every colour.

I bet you can guess how much this was..£1!. It looks similar to accessorize stuff.
Plus you get the nice black Marc By Marc Jacobs store bag which I plan to carry all my interview stuff in on Friday. The only down side about the shop is that it has a one-store bag-per customer policy as the lady in front of us in the queue found out. She brought a heart embossed bag and 3 wallets to match which I think were presents for someone and asked for another bag and they told her that its one per customer. Luckly she had other people with her so she gave them money so that they brought it and got the store bag.
I also brought a Burberry purse but ill save that for another post. Ohh and a really nice white chocolate fairy lolly from selfridges that was reduced. £3 for a chocolate lolly.No way! No amount of small pleasure is worth that. Although I guess it depends what it is. The lolly was £1 and had a cute ribbon tied round it.

Good day :D