Wednesday, 29 September 2010

College days off become shopping days

Omgosh im so behind on blogs! Theres a million and one free stuff I have to blog. Ill get round to it soon! Anyway went to Westfield today (college day off) finally brought a new purse. Have been eyeing this one up for months now!
Photos are bad as cannot find my camera and so had to use blackberry (yep I gave in and got one in the end) camera which is crappy. Talking of blackberrys its amazing how many people in the train carriage I was in had them. I figured about 50% were blackberry people and 20% iphoners. So weird!
OOh back to what this post is about:

They stuck one of the stickers on the bag. So cute! Its so small compared to the bag that my bayswater came in
Ooh yhh I managed to get a Miu Miu newspaper thing (free of course) I need to open it later!

The box it came in. I dented it somehow :/

Here it is! Its part of the Margaret range inspired my princess margaret. I love love love the emblem. The purse is kinda heavy due to the hardwear

It says "We believe in tea and cake" So true! Nothing beats a good cup of tea and a slice of cake

Has space for cards and coins
Just had to take a picture of my yummy men before I devoured them! I think gingerbread people are actually quiet sexist when you think about them. Why ginger bread men and not women?

Thursday, 16 September 2010

College girl

I offically am a fashion student at Reading College. I have the student card to prove it! I feel so grown up now as we are given alot of freedom and responsibilty. On the first day(Tuesday) I was really surprised to be given an assisment due in tomorrow (Friday!)The brief was to, in a group, design and make an outfit to a theme of our choice. We choose an African Tribal Carnival theme. I think with only the two days we have had to make it, it looks really good! I made the main front part of the top which was attached to a back panel with the bow on.To be honest its all amazing! I was lucky to have been part of a great group who all had different strengths which helped to create our outfit
As you can see the neckline is really low we thought it linked in with our carnival theme as carnival costumes are normally show alot of flesh. I added darts to give it a tighter fit

Our headress(if thats what its called)! The leaves are beginning to brown :( But as someone said earlier it gives it a "rustic" feel

Love love love this bow!

Monday, 13 September 2010

If you go down to the woods today

I went to the woods today with my Nan to take my dog out. Was fun until it started to rain! Came back and uploaded these pictures and managed to fiddle with the photo settings somehow

Hat: Accessorize
Coat: H&M Childrens
Bag: Mulberry Bayswater
Shoes: Office

Ohh I forgot to say earlier I start College tomorrow!

Sunday, 12 September 2010

I love MJ

Marc by Marc Jacobs keyring although the keyring only actually says Marc Jacobs on it. How much do you think this was considering its Marc Jacobs? Well it was only £3! Yes you heard right £3! Keyrings in general are normally at least £5+! So this is rather reasonable. Plus it came with a mini Marc by Marc Jacobs store bag. The shop once had lots of cheap stuff like the bracelet and belt that I got for £1 (featured in a post agees ago) however it seems that they have got rid of it all in return for bags priced £300+ :( On an upnote though there is a bag called Sophie! I like it but its a bit to small for me and I have no idea how much it costs. Im guessing about £300+ which sucks!

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I wear my heart near my sleeve

My new everyday bracelet :D I love to layer it with my other chain/material ones. Now I can have a bit of designer on me everyday! Its an off-white-grey colour. I would have prefered it in blue but they are selling out quick so I thought i'd get this one for now. I love it! Its like a mini belt but on my wrist. I purchased this beauty from the Miu Miu store in Westfield. That shop is amazing. Just looking at it makes my heart race! The Mini Miu Miu bags are so cute but very impractical for me as I carry a tone of crap around with me. Ohh well I can still dream!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Here we go round the mulberry bush

I managed to pick up a copy(s) of the Mulberry lookbook for this season. I absolutely love the print on the cover!

Im on the hunt for a faux fur coat for this winter. So far the only ones I have seen cost way over my budget (I become a fully fledged poor student next week) Im determined to find one though. If your out there please let me find you soon!
That my heart beats for you!

Doesnt that look like fun? Wonder how many tries that took to get her photographed mid-air? I swear jumping photos take forever to take.Well to get the perfect one where everyone is raised off of the floor in some kind of jumping pose

Mulberry Stickers! Who would of thought it? Plus they are free along with the lookbooks! One I've stored away and another is proudly stuck on my new notebook for college. The black spots are all fuzzy which is a bit weird to feel but im not complaining because after all its mulberry and best of all free! (Annie and I are loving free designer books at the moment which I'll explain about in a later post)

Sunday, 5 September 2010

My new addition!

Good evening! Got my gcse results last week and of course, after much waiting and deciding, my bayswater!
Lovely mulberry bag. Is hugeee! Was a bit of a struggle to carry it round the shops

Dustbag! My nan was rather impressed with that to be honest.

All wrapped up

Hate the lock tag thingy on it reminds me to much of one of them "real leather" tags you get on cheapy bags. Have taken it off but now am hunting for a bag charm. Theres a lovely louis vuitton sweetie one but not at £230!
The lock which im so scared of twisting to much and snapping it off!

One of the buckles that can expand/dexpand (is that even a word?)the bag which is pretty handy considering how much crap i carry around with me

Overall i am in love with my bayswater. Was loving the Alexa though. This beauty cost me 2 A*'s 3 A's 6 B's and 52.5 hours overtime...Was it worth it...Of course!