Sunday, 25 April 2010

Im in love

Hello sun. We saw you yesterday. Please come back soon so I can wear these babies.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

I enjoy the fresh air. Its good for the lungs.

I had a major laptop issue yesterday. The stupid thing buggered up so i had to reset everything losing everything in the process! Ohh well at leasts its working now. And what did my mother blame the problem on? How I spend endless amount of time on the internet looking at shoes and bags! As if its a crime!

Anyway on a more happier note. I enjoyed the geography trip to Dorset. It was such a typical geography trip: A bunch of us in a minibus, stopping at random places, all needing the loo, then piling back in and driving somewhere else. The view at the top at Durdle Door is so beautiful! I just wanted to strip and run into the sea. Me and my Marc wellies went for a paddle but a huge wave came and I got drenched feet. Totally worth it though!

Photos courtsey of a great friend Mishalle (In the white top)

Thats me looking practical for once! You can just about see the rim of my wellies. I look so padded out and extremly happy for some reason. I think the sun was in my eyes. Looks like Firdous didnt make the picture in time.
Haha. Best way to travel!
Does'nt it look so beautiful! And the sea looked so clear.
The bloody steps that we all nearly fell down/up.

I love this photo. There were bucket and spades hanging on the tree. (I dont think you can see them in this photo). It was such a sweet village with a few shops and sold the yummyist ice-cream ever!

Im currently working on the finishing touches of my textiles coursework so when its done I shall post some pictures.

Have a great day!

Monday, 12 April 2010

"I want" unfortunatly don't get

I want all of it! Every single printed piece!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Happy Sunday

After taking a bike ride to Taplow I am now one badge wiser, possibly one sofa more comfortable and believing summer is going to come sooner than later.

We went to the Laura Ashley Outlet to see about a new sofa as our current one is sagging a little, well alot I guess. We found an amazing "Duck Egg" coloured one that would fit perfectly in our living room. My mum has to ring up the "Man with a Van" to see when he could deliver it and take our old one away. Hopefully thats soon!

We stopped off at a Car Boot and found this little beauty:

I think the chain is for a pocket watch to be attached too.

After seeing viewing Nookie blogpage I saw that she had made a profile on one of them ask-me-anything sites thing and thought i'd make a profile too. So ask me anything on formspring me!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Military with a twist?

T-shirt underneath shirt: M&S
Blue striped "Oxford" shirt: Ralph Lauren
Waistcoat: Topshop
Belt: H&M
I was'nt intending on blogging these pictures as I used webcam to see what my outfit looked like (Still havent got a full length mirror!) The pictures are crap quality as its a combination of webcam and poor lighting. I think it goes, although my Mum said, I quote, "Scruffy". It kind of reminds me of the editorial in Teen Vogue April 2009:

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

London Calling

The result of two trips to London:

1. Marc Jacobs Wellies!

From one of my favourite shops! There was whole rainbow of colours to choose from but i like the blue. The lighter blue matches a Hollister t-shirt i brought to wear on a geography trip next week. I love wellies! Who could have even thought that something so practical could be also designer and with a price tag of only £14!

2. John Galliano and Dior ribbons

To Promote the new fragrances flawless and slighty intimidating perfume assistants hand out nice pink ribbons smelling of the lovely perfume. Does it help me decide to buy the perfumes? No but keeps my designer ribbon collection growing.
The John Galliano one smelt the best but the Dior one is so cute with a small bow on each of the ends.

3. Juicy Couture Wallet

The tissue paper that was inside it. Yes im sad enough to keep things like this.

The purse itself with my crappy carpet square in the background (No I dont have actual carpet like any normal person has because we put my furniture up first then thought about flooring). It kind of matches my bag which is why I brought it.

The signature "J" at the back. Which most of the purses and bags have.
The zipped change part says "Mad Money" and the card part says "Juicy Princess". Its good as its a roomy purse and im dreadful in a shop fumbling around either getting the money out or putting my change away.
Of course I will keep and cherish this store bag. Its so girly and cute!

Indeed I choose Juicy.

Even the inside of the bag has a logo in!
4. Free ultracolourful and now used as a bookmarker postcard

In the basement of Selfridges there is a pop-up work studio where Andrea Blood and Zoe Sinclair and their team are producing three magazine issues of "The paper eaters" . Its so fun in there; what with a dance floor area, random dolls, bright colours and walls covered in their photography work. There is also a "cut-out doll" area where you hang paper dresses/outfits and have your photo taken. Remember them paper doll books?

Monday, 5 April 2010

How to beat those Monday blues

Lush Bath Bomb. Fizzes and turns bath water blue and pink :D what a great way to bathe.