Monday, 10 May 2010

Im going to Geek myself to success

My Gcse exams start next tuesday (Ekk!) so my life mostly consists of revision at the moment :(

I got the grade for my textiles coursework....94/95 so thats an A* :D. I also had a PE practical assessment on friday and I overall (we had to do four sports so mine were: Ice-skating, dance, artistic gymnastics and Gymnastics acro) got 100/100! So all them years of sports was worth it I guess.
Anyway to help me get into the hardcore revision mood Im feeling the whole Geek look at the moment.

Who said beauty and brains can't mix?

Geek Glasses!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

What I hate the most: Coursework

Iv been busting my ass off finishing my textiles coursework for the past week. Its all done, completed and sent off :D Thats one less worry. Its just exams now in 2 weeks!

For my practical work I made a dress and bag:

The inside of the bag is lined with navy and white striped cotton.As you can see the side panels are also made from navy and white striped cotton.
Reef knot at the top of the handle.
The bow has a shell button on the middle of it(The photo is too far away to see)

As you can see the dress is too big. I think its down to my dodgy seam allowences. Thats something I need to work on at college.