Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I wear my heart near my sleeve

My new everyday bracelet :D I love to layer it with my other chain/material ones. Now I can have a bit of designer on me everyday! Its an off-white-grey colour. I would have prefered it in blue but they are selling out quick so I thought i'd get this one for now. I love it! Its like a mini belt but on my wrist. I purchased this beauty from the Miu Miu store in Westfield. That shop is amazing. Just looking at it makes my heart race! The Mini Miu Miu bags are so cute but very impractical for me as I carry a tone of crap around with me. Ohh well I can still dream!


  1. the barcelet is really amazing! thank you for visting. I hope you´ll come a second time to my blog:)
    cute blog

  2. I love Miu Miu, you have an amazing sense of style. I'm so glad I came across your blog, its so pretty yet quirky. And I love your headers image :). Nice job.

    I love the fact that your blog isn't all pretty pictures but actually has meaningful content too.


  3. I love love love miu miu! This bracelet is amazing!
    really adorable blog!

  4. thats so adorable! i feel stupid for saying this but i love miu miu boxes lol

    ...look closer

  5. miu miu! i love it! I want to be rich, i wanna have things like u!

  6. Lovely bracelet!
    Your blog is great.

    And thanks for your sweet comment!

    <3 Maja

  7. so cute. anything miu miu makes my heart melt.


  8. OMG so cool, wish i had one :)

  9. thanks for stopping by. i love this piece, what i nice indulgence.

    and is your header handmade?


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