Wednesday, 29 September 2010

College days off become shopping days

Omgosh im so behind on blogs! Theres a million and one free stuff I have to blog. Ill get round to it soon! Anyway went to Westfield today (college day off) finally brought a new purse. Have been eyeing this one up for months now!
Photos are bad as cannot find my camera and so had to use blackberry (yep I gave in and got one in the end) camera which is crappy. Talking of blackberrys its amazing how many people in the train carriage I was in had them. I figured about 50% were blackberry people and 20% iphoners. So weird!
OOh back to what this post is about:

They stuck one of the stickers on the bag. So cute! Its so small compared to the bag that my bayswater came in
Ooh yhh I managed to get a Miu Miu newspaper thing (free of course) I need to open it later!

The box it came in. I dented it somehow :/

Here it is! Its part of the Margaret range inspired my princess margaret. I love love love the emblem. The purse is kinda heavy due to the hardwear

It says "We believe in tea and cake" So true! Nothing beats a good cup of tea and a slice of cake

Has space for cards and coins
Just had to take a picture of my yummy men before I devoured them! I think gingerbread people are actually quiet sexist when you think about them. Why ginger bread men and not women?


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