Tuesday, 2 March 2010

This,my little beauties, Is called love.

Good evening everyone!
I have meaning to do a post on my purse for well over a month now. I brought it as a valentines gift to myself. Only joking, I brought it because I thought it was about time that I brought a decent purse although this is only a coin purse and I kind of needed a wallet.Ohh well. Its so cute!

Made from patent leather and Burberrys signature canvas. The flash of the camera makes the edges looked marked.

Burberry lining and label.

Receipet holder!

The man serving me kindly gave me a box which I think was intended for scarves as it says something about a scarf on the little label on the bottom. Its suede lined which is good for keeping my jewellery in.
Store bag. I love them. Seem to have an obession but there again I think alot of people do!
I know alot of people will think its fake but I dont really care because I know its real plus I just love the design of it. Theres also a black version of it but I prefered the red.
Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. This is to die for. Burberry has been one of my absolute favourite brands for as long as I can remember, alas I haven't made a purchase yet (still job-hunting, grr).
    Even the store bag is cute! Burberry sure know how to please their customers.

  2. haha omg that is so pretty ! my lv came in a bag with a pretty ribbon too and i almost died. for 2 days i couldnt bring myself to unwrap it, ha

    xx lue


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