Sunday, 28 February 2010

Heres to a good week

So sorry for this overdue post. I lost my camera charger so couldnt take any pictures. Whats everyone been up to this weekend? I took a trip to Windsor yesterday with my Mum. For once I didnt buy anything although tried on a lovely Tommy Hilfiger blazer and a Moschino belt [both were too big :(] Ohh I lie. Well my mum brought me something. A pack of Hello Kitty pants from Marks and Spencer. They are nautical which of course I absolutly love. Plus they work out as only £1.60 a pair!

I brought the top and jeans in these photos a few weeks ago. Shows how late I am on posts!

Well this is what I look like from behind. Always wondered. Does my bum look big in this? Actually no dont answer that question.

Okay I look dreadful. Lets say watching films until 1am and having minimum sleep is not a good thing. Plus the positioning of the camera casts rather annoying shadows. I just took it so you get the idea of my outfit. The legging/jean leggings/jeggings well what ever you like to call them, are a bit big. Im hoping they will shrink in the wash.

Please excuse the greasy hair and lack of make up.

I love this top. It seems shops everywhere are doing tops/dresses/jumpers with this sleeve. I was orginally going to buy the white version but it was sold out so I ended up with this grey one which I prefer. I normally am accessorised but today am not for some reason.
I really want to get a pair of Dr. Martens to wear with this. Plus I love wearing the skeleton jumper (shown in a post agees ago) with the jeggings. I get rather funny looks and people are like "Halloween came early?". My mum doesnt really like it as she says its not my "normal smart self". Well I think it was a time for a bit of a change. Plus im in a bit of rebelling mood.

Just felt like posing like this.

Top: H&M Jeggings: H&M childrens Boots: UGG
Ohh and one more thing. Is anyone going to buy the Chanel temporary tattoos tomorrow?


  1. I would buy the tattoo's.... But i'm thinking I might sit down and sharpie my arms for free instead... Sad, but I'm stingy.

  2. Cute top!!!! thnx for ur lovely comment on my blog!!!!

    xoxo jenna

  3. love the pants! and i have the exact same pair of jeggings :)


  4. awesome pair of jeans
    love the top too!

  5. Love them! You do not look awful, in fact you are super pretty!

  6. omg how could u say u look dreadful? u look fab!!!! really chic:)
    have a nice evening

  7. Pretty pictures, goodwork :)

  8. this is the most boring outfit ever, though you are pretty


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