Friday, 12 March 2010

I love College

Today has been one natural high. First off I had to perform a friends cherography for her GCSE dance exam (Only had 3 days to learn it!) which I thought I did okay seeing as I left school in a very good mood knowing I did my best and helped someone out. And secondly I had my second interview at Reading and got offered a place on the Fashion and design (or whatever its called)BTEC course! I thought I wasnt going to get in as I didnt take GCSE Art. So now I have something to motivate me to study hard. Im going to spend my day tomorrow in the libary. I love it there. You can find a corner, grab a chair and get lost in a book.
I have a bit of a thing for cycling shorts and patterned tights at the moment. I feel like wearing this tomorrow. My mother would'nt approve.

Jumper: H&M Childrens Cycling Shorts: Tesco Tights: Oasis
Well Im off to have an early night and get cosy with a bag of Haribo and this book Im reading called "the making of mia" By Ilana Fox. Rather bitchy and a tad adulty but Its a great read!
Have a great weekend!


  1. aa bless u ! lad u had a good day! i like your photo on the chair.. so cool! just to let u no im doing a giveaway on my blog! u should enter! love sammy

  2. one of the coolest jumpers i have ever seen.

  3. congrats dear!!! awesome outfit!

  4. Congratulations!!!
    I am coursing IGCSE ART right now, and I have LOADS of homework (Don't want to scare you, It's just that last year I was lazy and had a stupid teacher, so now I have to catch-up on everything-I have my exam on MAY añkjflakjshdflakdsh) sorry, just freaking out :P



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