Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Read me a fairytale like you used to

As you all know, the new Alice in Wonderland film is released tomorrow (well in the uk it is). I cant wait to see it! Alice always has a pretty feel about her, what with her blonde hair, blue eyes, porceline skin and aqua dress. I love the story. So adventurous and well, wonderful!

Images: Vogue+International Vogue's
I used to, and still do, love fairytales. Theres of course something magical about them that makes you believe anything is possible for example how cinderella got to go to the ball in the end, wore a fabulous dress and got the man of her dreams. Like that would really happen in life? I guess fairytales are just fantasy. But hey, we can still keep dreaming right?


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  2. wow these are such good photos!! soooo amazing they insppire me so much!! thank you for coming to my blog! follow me and i follow you? lots of love sammy

  3. I love the vogue alice photoshoot, its the background on my formspring haha.Thanks again for the great recommendations.I am seeing the movie tonight at midnight so I will let you know if it was good, although you will have probably seen it by the time I blog a response!

  4. definitely one of my fave editorials! natalia v is gorgeous <3

  5. YES
    fabulous inspiration, so gorgeous
    loving the editorial shots
    thanks for sharing
    love the blog, keep it up
    and thanks for the sweet comments, means the world


  6. Great editorial! I cannot wait to see the movie! Thank you so much for your nice comment, dear! Stop by again soon!

  7. One of the sets of pictures were like based on Alice in Wonderland. I can't wait to see that movie! Feel free to follow/visit my blog!!


  8. Hy, tanks for the comment :)
    Those gloves are so beautiful!


  9. Alice in wonderland photoshoot with Natalia is stunning !

  10. I'm so excited about the movie! The Alice editorial is one of my favorites :)

  11. ahhhh some of my favourite vogue spreads. wow!

  12. really cool pictures. and the movie is great!=)

  13. the viktor and rolf shirt in the fifth photo down in magical.
    and tim walker is the most whimsical photographer e.v.e.r
    lovely blog xx

  14. love the twist on alice of wonderland! great post ;)


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