Sunday, 7 February 2010

Hot Banana custard and Denim

I had a sudden thought whilst eating pudding, I need to invest in a denim jacket for the summer. Im thinking one from a charity shop because:
1. The money goes to a good cause
2. It has a used feel about it which I love
3. Charity shops are awesome. A treasure trove of random items. Love it.


Alexander Wang


I cba to find any more pictures but you get the idea. I plan to stop in the Charity shops on the way home from school tomorrow. If im successful in my search I shall of course post my findings.

Good night :D


  1. I've never owned a denim jacket, but it worries me that if I did I probably wouldn't wear it!

  2. I think you will like the jean shirt that will be posted tomorrow in one of my favourite editorials. it's completely different of the other however so simple and so 70's.

    see you later


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