Wednesday, 24 February 2010

2nd the best

We came second at Global Rock! For once we actually placed in the top 3! The competition is always very high so we never place. It was such a surprise to come second. All the other schools were amazing especially the school that won whose theme was also World War 2. Most schools theme was typical teenage issues such as alcohol, drugs, crime ect. which seem to be used every year.

Here are a few photos that I got off the offical Global Rock photographer. As you can guess Im the one in the bluey/purple shirt and grey/purple trousers. It was so much fun getting our hair and make up done. It was really hard to put on a huge smile and hold it for the duration of the dance. Btw the brown patches on us is mud seeing as we were land girls.


  1. Classic indeed!!
    Lovely blog.


  2. thanks for your comment!

  3. Hey there!
    Thanks so much for the sweet comment (: As always made me smile!
    I love these pictures so much, they're stunning.
    Panda x

  4. well done- that's fantastic!
    looks like so much fun :)

  5. love your outfits! and that looks like loads of fun!


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