Saturday, 17 April 2010

I enjoy the fresh air. Its good for the lungs.

I had a major laptop issue yesterday. The stupid thing buggered up so i had to reset everything losing everything in the process! Ohh well at leasts its working now. And what did my mother blame the problem on? How I spend endless amount of time on the internet looking at shoes and bags! As if its a crime!

Anyway on a more happier note. I enjoyed the geography trip to Dorset. It was such a typical geography trip: A bunch of us in a minibus, stopping at random places, all needing the loo, then piling back in and driving somewhere else. The view at the top at Durdle Door is so beautiful! I just wanted to strip and run into the sea. Me and my Marc wellies went for a paddle but a huge wave came and I got drenched feet. Totally worth it though!

Photos courtsey of a great friend Mishalle (In the white top)

Thats me looking practical for once! You can just about see the rim of my wellies. I look so padded out and extremly happy for some reason. I think the sun was in my eyes. Looks like Firdous didnt make the picture in time.
Haha. Best way to travel!
Does'nt it look so beautiful! And the sea looked so clear.
The bloody steps that we all nearly fell down/up.

I love this photo. There were bucket and spades hanging on the tree. (I dont think you can see them in this photo). It was such a sweet village with a few shops and sold the yummyist ice-cream ever!

Im currently working on the finishing touches of my textiles coursework so when its done I shall post some pictures.

Have a great day!

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  1. lovely photos :) aww what a shame your laptop went crazy, my laptop tends to do that too!


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