Sunday, 11 April 2010

Happy Sunday

After taking a bike ride to Taplow I am now one badge wiser, possibly one sofa more comfortable and believing summer is going to come sooner than later.

We went to the Laura Ashley Outlet to see about a new sofa as our current one is sagging a little, well alot I guess. We found an amazing "Duck Egg" coloured one that would fit perfectly in our living room. My mum has to ring up the "Man with a Van" to see when he could deliver it and take our old one away. Hopefully thats soon!

We stopped off at a Car Boot and found this little beauty:

I think the chain is for a pocket watch to be attached too.

After seeing viewing Nookie blogpage I saw that she had made a profile on one of them ask-me-anything sites thing and thought i'd make a profile too. So ask me anything on formspring me!


  1. That's a cool accessory... it looks like a policeman's badge.

    Hope you get your new sofa soon. xoxo

  2. it's really cool, and agree with Leah, looks like a policeman's bagde:x
    following on formspring:)


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