Friday, 16 July 2010

It must be Miu Miu love

So much to catch up on like the clothes show, prom and general stuff. So busy with a college course at the moment but went into town afterwards today and brought these (photos dont do them justice but i'll post pictures of them on sometime in the future):

Omg im in love!Case is a bit of a random colour but looks so rich! They were £40 from tkmaxx and supposed to be £120! I think it has swarvoski crystal on as the crystal part catches the light how swarvoski crystals do. I tried to google them but couldnt find anything great to tell me. Anyway I love them! They are'nt the sort I would normally go for but they are nice.and Miu Miu after all.


  1. amazing find! i love these glasses


  2. These are sooooo cool! Really glamorous!

    Love the blog!



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