Monday, 21 June 2010


Im back! Just one final exam tomorrrow then i'm done!Woop! Theres alot of exciting stuff happening at the moment/this week:
1. The Harvey Nichols sale- Im debating on ordering this Marc by Marc Jacobs bangle (the top one). Its £15 reduced from £21. But I need to save my money for friday.
2. Which brings me onto The Clothes Show on Friday! Looks good and apparently Katie Price is going to be there (Not that Im a hugee fan of hers but still). Iv read mixed messages about it. Some people say the stuff that is on sale is really good whereas others say it is just over priced crap. Hmmm I'll have to just wait and see!
3. I start my job! Working in the fashion accessory department in Daniels in Windsor. Im kind of scared because I have no idea what to expect and really don't want to get fired on my first day!
4. Annie and I finally get to go to the Ritz as my birthday party thingy (just 6 months late!) Better late than never?
5. Winchester university trip- I dont really see why I'm going but it should be good. I know I'll take to much stuff (as always) so I'm looking for a smaller case to take.
6.SUMMER!!! (Please please please let us have a hot one) Summer= random days out!


  1. the MJ bangles are pretty cool :) good luck with exams ♥

  2. Thanks!
    Still havent ordered it yet...I think If I want it then I should order it tonight lol

  3. gorgeous bangles, love



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