Monday, 14 December 2009

Ou Sont Les Creatures Sauvages?

Hello everyone :D
I havent posted for over a week now. Sorry. Iv been so busy with christmas shopping and wrapping. Only 11 days to go! For once I'm really prepared. I brought my Mum a Radley bag, My Nan Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair Serum and Annie a few little bits from Jack Wills (I had been saving for a while in order to buy these nice presents). I cant wait for the sales!

The christmas light display at the front main entrance of Selfridges (The one with the awesome doors)
Oxford Street was really packed! We managed to grab ourselves a few freebies: A cup of tea outside Superdrug, An american express shopper bag (my mum was really pleased with it!) A Gucci Flora ribbon and free gift boxes from H&M. When I go to London with Annie we always seem to get freebies given to us. It felt so christmasy as there were crowds of people with masses of shopping bags and a christmas market opposite M&S.

My mum went to Paris on Saturday and brought me back Jalouse and French Vogue. I will upload the Images from Vogue tomorrow. I love the cover of Jalouse and how it is layed out in polaroids. I wish they would sell this magazine in England. Luckily I have a French friend who willingly translated some of it to me (she wanted to read it anyway so it was a fair deal)
Here are some pictures that I have taken of it:

This is a picture of the adorable and rather (okay very) fashionable Tavi (

What is everyone hoping Santa brings them?


  1. awww love the christmas lights. i cant wait for christmas!!!


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