Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Its nice to know...

Its the 1st December only 24 days to go! Im not in the festive mood at the moment as I get the results of my mock exams this week. However I am sure I will be feeling the magic of christmas when I do my christmas shopping on saturday. Annie and I are venturing to London (as always) to do alot of christmas shopping. Harrods here we come!

I finally have a few followers of this blog! Thanks everyone for your comments and followings :D

Im supposed to be doing my textiles coursework now but decided to take a short break and blog. Heres my design for a dress that I am making. The theme for my dress and bag is Nautical. (I know the pose of the model is a bit weird but I was meant to draw a border around the drawing so that it looked like she was posed inbetween two walls)

I know that my drawings arent particulary great but practise makes perfect (so i'll keep practising)

This is a prototype of a clutch bag that I may make. Its a really rough copy (took about 10mins max to do so very rough copy) and so none of the edges are finished off and the sides are not very straight.


  1. Oh, like your drawings, I draw a lot too !
    "practise makes perfect", I think so ! :)
    I see that I have English visitors who arrive, that's great !! Thank you for your visit ! ;)

    (ps : I think I should translate my texts in English...!)

  2. That cluth is soooooooo beautiful!!!

  3. That bag is adorable. I like your bows theme for the dress too. I'm really starting to get into bows.

    Thanks for your comment!


  4. your good ! love it
    thanks for visiting my blog ! :)
    come back soon ;**


  5. The clutch is so cute! Congratulations :)

  6. Wow! You're super crafty. I've gotta learn how to sew soon. I've got the machine and taken a class on sewing a tote bag. Now I just need to buy some simple patterns and teach myself a few techniques. Well, that's super cute. :D


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