Sunday, 19 December 2010

Possibly the best christmas card ever?

Exciting stuff. And this is only the envelope

Inside was a hand written message along the line of "Merry christmas From the Mulberry Team at house of fraser" how thoughtful! The next time I make a "big" purchase from Mulberry, it will most likely be from there because of the great service they offer. Of course this card takes pride of place on top of the tv

Whilst on the matter of Mulberry I am liking the new mini alexa. The normal size one was too big for me when slung over my shoulder. Working out the proportions of the mini one it should be a good a fit. Still at £495 do I really need it? Actually scrap that question of course I do! This is what extra days and overtime at work equals. However first on my ever growing "to buy" list is a mannequin. Need to think of a catchy name for her
The Mini Alexa is literally just a smaller version (ooh and £255 cheaper)


  1. I love Mulberry! I think its an awesome buy :) happy holidays!

  2. Me too, Mulberry seriously rocks! Happy holidays to you!

  3. Love Mulberry bags..:)



  4. GORGEOUS bag oh my goodness.
    heres my blog The Fashion Fawn..


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