Sunday, 22 November 2009

One blazer:So many uses

Before I start: Sorry for the clutter in the background of these pictures, I left my closet door open. I also just took these photos to see how the outfit looked as I dont have a full length mirror yet but then thought I could add them to this blog.
I brought this blazer for £1 at a car boot sale and seem to wear it all the time. Its funny how we get attached to things that werent very expensive or free. I love the whole Hard Shoulder look this season so I plan to add another pair of shoulder pads to the blazer. I am wearing it with a yellow Jack Wills t-shirt, Topshop black bow headband, Jack Wills skirt and had a small pin that said "Gymnastics" on the right collar of the blazer. I like to mix up what labels I wear however I thought the yellow t-shirt looked good with it.

Here I have worn it over the yellow t-shirt. When I wear this out I normally wear black tights with it and a thick scarf, specially in this horrible British weather!
In this picture I have paired it with a Ralph Lauren light blue and white oxford shirt and black leggings from Mango. To accompany it, I am carrying a black Longchamp bag. I wore to parents eveing last week and got asked if I had been somewhere nice.
I wore the blazer on Friday (Mufti day for children in need) with a belt round it to draw it in at the waist over a white ruffled vest top, Blue velvet skirt (shown in the first picture), dotty tights and heels. Ill take a picture of it soon and post it. I get mixed reactions to what I wear: some people like it whilst others are just shocked as its stuff they wouldnt wear. But why dress for other people?
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  1. Blazer is an extremely awesome piece!
    I still haven't get myself one since I'm still searching for the perfect one (: Lovee your blazer!

  2. Love the blazer!!

  3. thanks for your comment!

    this length blazer is spot on!

  4. Gorgeous blazer! My favourite look is over the yellow top. Simple but stunning.

  5. i love your style! can't belive it was only a pound, i love it.


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